Jim Lee was born Sept 19,1935, in Huntsville, Alabama, but grew up in Albertville, a small town about 50 miles south. He worked as an engineer and in sales and then drifted into heavy equipment maintenance and maintenance supervision. He didn’t start writing until late in life when recalling past experiences became fun, nostalgic and exhilarating.

His first book is a compilation of short stories. They are all true and happened to him or a close friend or relative. The time span is from the fifties to the present. Some of the stories make a point, and some are just stories. Hopefully, all are interesting. The subject matter is so varied; it is hard to generalize the content. The material is not written to a particular group or niche, it is for man or woman, young and old. And just maybe it will stir the reader’s nostalgic memory and make him or her think of the things in his or her life that were interesting and meaningful. Then perhaps you too can start a collection of tales to give friends and relatives for Christmas. That is the way this book got started.

He is now through with his first book of fiction, ”Parallel Planets;” which he thinks you will enjoy. Parallel Planets is an exciting combination of genres, it is a love story, a who dun it, and science fiction. It was fun to write, it will be fun to read.

May you find these stories appealing, and may the wind always be at your back.  God Bless.